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Built-in Amenities at Hahne & Co

The best parts about living at Hahne & Co and accessing amenities, doesn’t stop at your front door.

That’s just the beginning.

This community gathering space in Newark, NJ is going to be home to so much more than just your home. And, these amenities are more than just the basics.

Whole Foods is moving in to take care of all of your grocery shopping needs.

You’ll be able to catch up on your reading or music at Barnes & Noble.

Taking a trip to see art is a thing of the past with Express Newark’s community art space.

When you want to try a brand new restaurant, you’ll be able to go to the restaurant that is going to be opened by Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

If your technology ever needs repaired or replaced, you will have an on-site tech store — Kite & Key.

For your furry friends, Petco will be footsteps away, so they will have everything they need too.

This is the epicenter of Newark, NJ. This is modern-day community amenities with room for more inclusivity as more restaurants and stores join our ranks. This is your next home. This is Hahne & Co.