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Fitness 101 in Newark, NJ

Fitness Center at Hahne & Co

You work on your fitness, we’ll help you work on where to get it done around Newark at some of our favorite workout places close to Hahne & Co.

Obviously the closest option is at the Hahne building at the Hahne & Co Fitness Center. Take advantage of the brand new equipment for a little cardio and weight-lifting close to home.

If you want to venture outside of Hahne & Co for some other workout options, the next close spot is Military Park across the street! The park offers 18 weekly workout activities like yoga, latin dance and more.

To get in more steps on your way to working up a sweat, walk a little farther down the street to Yoga Tuesdays at the Newark Museum. This free yoga class is every Tuesday at 6 p.m. through June 30, 2017.

If you are looking to up your workout routine to the next level, jump in the car for 10 minute or less drive to these three Newark gyms:

Elite Heat Boxing Gym is a great place to get your aggression out, your heart rate up and your fighting skills to the next level.

Club Metro USA is a full-service gym with group fitness classes and all of the machines you could ever need to burn those calories.

Newark Ironbound Fitness is another full-service gym with group fitness, personal training, and weight/cardio options galore.

Whatever you choose, Newark is filled with great places to work up a sweat and stay healthy around town. Come for a tour at Hahne & Co and check out our own Fitness Center to start getting fit closer to home.