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Hahne & Co: A Day at Newark’s Revitalized Past

Hahne & Co

Revitalization in the epicenter of Newark, NJ looks like Hahne & Co. What would it look like to spend an entire day in Newark’s newest mix of homes, stores and community?

Well, it would start by waking up in this beautiful, bright, airy feeling bedroom ready to tackle the day.

As you hobble out of bed and stroll around the corner, you would be greeted by this sleek, modern kitchen. This is when the coffee making happens.

Then it’s workout time at the Fitness Center. Burning calories footsteps from your front door makes it that much easier.

While you are in the productive mood, you can swing by Whole Foods to grab groceries for the dinner party you are planning, and maybe throw in some ready-made lunch.

After you head back upstairs to your home, you can jump into this clean, sleek shower to start getting ready for the day.

Then, slip into your spacious walk-in closet to pick out that perfect stay-at-home outfit.

If you feel so inclined, get a little work done, pay some bills or surf Facebook at your little at-home office.

When that’s finished, run back downstairs to meet up with your friends who want the grand tour of the old Hahne Building. Complete with a stop at Barnes & Noble, Kite & Key, Whole Foods, Express Newark and all of the great meet up nooks.

Finish your grand tour at your place for that last extra wow for your guests.

After you whip up some dinner for them, take the food and drinks out to your rooftop patio for al fresco dining.

For a day like this, a night cap is in order in the Hahne & Co Clubroom. Celebrate your new home with some billiards and laughs.

Would you like a day at Hahne & Co like this sometime? This fictional day could be your reality, just give us a call at 888-435-1839.