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Credibility Capital Finds a New Home at Hahne

Have you noticed the newest members of our Hahne & Co community?

Credibility Capital Inc. welcomed city and state officials last week to debut their new space inside our historic Hahne & Co. building, where it will occupy 8,000 square feet. The five-year-old company of 70 employees, which oversees a technology-enabled lending platform focused on small businesses, is thrilled to call Newark their new home.

“You can literally look at the skyline and the streetscape and see all of the wonderful things that are happening here,” said Tim Sullivan, the CEO of the state Economic Development Authority. “It’s hard to think of a better example of what’s gone on in this building in general and what’s going on here inside this space with Credibility.”

“We’re thrilled about being in Newark,” said Brett Baris, one of Credibility’s founders. “The excitement and energy in this city is palpable.”

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