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Outdoor Spaces at Hahne & Co Might be Just as Great as the Inside

Outdoor spaces at Hahne & Co

Urban dwellings and outdoor spaces, don’t always coincide. But, Hahne & Co in Newark, NJ made sure to create some space for open air living.

Be prepared for all of the hosting that comes with having a rooftop patio at Hahne & Co. Outdoor entertaining, drinks on the patio, barbecues, morning coffee are all a part of the deal when you live here.

The patios here are open, but divided with stylish wood dividers for some privacy. But, nothing is blocking your view from the Newark skies.

Additionally, residents and non-residents alike can take advantage of the Hahne & Co public courtyard for some urban sunlight. Take a break after shopping at Whole Foods to bask in the beams or read a good book in the courtyard from Barnes and Noble.

Another outside space bonus is that Hahne & Co is located directly across the street from Military Park, which is brimming with nature, activities, green space & outdoor community. Take a walk, have a picnic or meet up with friends.

Whatever you choose, take advantage of the inside and outside spaces that come with living at Newark’s Hahne & Co. Come for a visit and get a taste of the sunlight for yourself.